Building your Own Website

Importance of building your own website when you can market your products/services through social media.

Freelance Web Developer Ryan Esmalin

By Ryan Esmalin

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to showcase our products online like Facebook and Instagram but why do we need to still build our own website? 

One of the few advantages of building your own website is to show your clients the products and services’ credibility. Creating a website is too costly which gives them proof of legitimacy.  As entrepreneurs, we don’t invest that much without getting anything in return.

Depending on how your website is built, it can showcase your product and service’s full potential. It gives them more detailed information about your offers and your vision as a business owner. On top of that, a website provides a better user experience since you can add plugins and features that can make their online purchase hassle-free.  

“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties” – Erich Fromm

In addition to what was mentioned above, building your own website expands your market because you have an opportunity to be on top of the search pages with the use of Search Engine Optimization.  But take note, not all SEO are paid since you can utilize the organic SEO. As long as you know the correct keyword combination to use when searching for the products and services you offer then you will have a chance to be ranked in the Top 10 list on the search pages.

These are only a few insights that I can share for the importance of building your website aside from having any other social media presence.  So start building with us